RoseDryad's Pixel Doll Maker (Work in Progress)

I made this doll base in 2019 to create pixel dolls for people on Gaia Online.
I haven't used it in a while so I thought I'd try to make a doll maker with them.
The doll's original size is 41x48 but I sized everything up 3x so you can see it better.

1. Select the skin tone you want by clicking on a doll base.
2. Then click on the tabs for hair and accessories.
3. Drag them onto the doll. Get the position just right before moving on to the next accessory.
4. You can layer it the way you want since the last thing you drag on goes on top.
5. To remove any accessories, the last thing you dragged on remains selected so you can drag it back to the tabs.

Saving Your Doll:
1. Print screen.
2. Open an image editing program and paste it.
3. Crop and save it as a gif or png.

If you use Photoshop, you can crop it to 205x240 and then resize it to 41x48 using the setting "Resample: Nearest Neighbor (hard edges)" to get it back to its smaller size.


Skin Tone:

Click on a base below to select a skintone.
swatch swatch swatch swatch swatch swatch swatch swatch
Please do not take the images from this dollmaker.