Enchanted Forest Minecraft Mod (Abandoned)

I started working on a Minecraft mod called Enchanted Forest in 2018-2020 for version 1.12.2. I made planters, fairy houses, lawn flamingos, plushies, trees, flowers, crystals, biomes, mobs, custom mushrooms, flower crowns, etc.

Unfortunately, I lost interest in it as Minecraft kept updating beyond 1.14. Some of the features I wanted to add were way beyond my understanding of programming and I couldn't find anyone to hire or help me at the time. It seems like I had some people interested in helping long after I gave up on it though.

I kinda wish I finished this mod but it's just too much work for me now. I still have the GitHub up, if anyone's interested in seeing the code. I think you could even download the thing and put it in your Mods folder and it should still work-ish. (The code is bad/incomplete and it does have some bugs.)

Here were some of the things I finished and/or had planned to add:

Fairy Forest biome:
Ivy trees, forget me not flowers, gerbera daisies, and purple rock cress flowers. I also wanted some cute structures and will o wisp entites.

Magical Forest biome:
Purple wisteria trees, cat flowers, fairy wings plants, magenta & purple mushrooms - as tiny mushrooms and trees, and flamingo mobs would spawn!

Crystal biome:
Underground, crystals emit some light, clear quartz, amethyst quartz, rainbow aura quartz, titanium aura quartz, amethyst fairy quartz + purple redstone particules - super rare. All crystals would have weapons, tools, and armor.

Persephone wand:
Turns mob into a plant, each use damages the wand. No idea how to code this in.

Mob Sprout Planters:

Flamingo sword:
LDShadowLady had a Chicken sword so I wanted a Flamingo one!

Lawn Flamingos:
Textures & models finished.

Flower Fairy Houses:
Textures & models finished.

Mushroom Fairy Houses:
Textures & models finished.

Flower sign posts:
Model and texture finished, just couldn't figure out how to code it to be writeable.

Flower crowns:
Item texture finished, made so many different colors but still needed models, couldn't figure out how to implement the whole thing.

Texture, model, animation, sound, loot table, everything was perfect!

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