Stardew Valley Mods

These are some mods I've used for PC (version 1.5.5+). Some improve quality of life, are only for aesthetics, or provide more immerison.

User interface:

Skip Intro - Skip the intro logos. I got this one so I could quickly test out the mods I'm making.

CJB Cheats Menu - An in-game cheat menu with a lot of options for the player, tools, farm, fishing, skills, weather, relationships, warp locations, time, and controls. I like to use this for pausing the time so I can explore areas longer, set no friendship decay, and giving my player faster walking speed.

CJB Item Spawner - Allows you to spawn in vanilla items (and some modded if the mods support it). I mostly use this to test out decorations.

Quality of life:

NPC Map Locations - See NPC & players on the map with an optional minimap. No more leaving a thousand tabs of the wiki open.

Map Teleport - Travel to any of the labelled locations on the map. Very useful for when you forget to bring an item or two and have to go back home!

No Crows - Crows stop eating crops and scarecrows become purely decorative.

No Fence Decay - Makes all fences and gates last forever.

Walk Through Trellis - Allows you to walk through crops with trellises so you can place them however you want.

Happy Birthday - Add your birthday in the game and you'll recieve gifts from villagers based on your friendship levels & get letters from your parents.

Part of the Community - Gain friendship passively and actively in other ways. This one is nice because I can talk to one villager and everyone nearby acknowledges me by doing that happy emote.

Cat Gifts - Cats will sometimes leave you a random gift on your doorstep. Anything to give me more pet interaction!

Dialogue Expansions:

Canon-Friendly Dialogue Expansion for All Friend-able Characters - Adds more day-to-day dialogue for all 34 characters who have a heart level as well as new marriage dialogue.

True Love Valley - A Romance Dialogue Expansion Pack - Adds 250+ new lines of dialogue for each of the 12 marraige candidates. I got this because I kept marrying Penny in every save I made and it just got sad that the dialogue never changed.

Maps & Locations:

Tiny Garden Farm - Replaces the Forest map. It's about 1/3 of the size of the vanilla farms. I got this one for a save where I'm a florist instead of a farmer.

Raccoon Meadows Farm Map - Replaces the Standard Farm map. All grass is tillable & includes a big pond in the center.

Meadowlark Farm - Replaces the Standard Farm map with a prairie-inspired farm with new meadow grass, a large pond, and plenty of wide open space. All grass is tillable and the player can swim in the pond.

Blossom Cliff Farm - Replaces the Forest Farm map with a small farm located at a big river with lots of decorative flowers. All grass it tillable.

DeepWoods - Adds an explorable forest to the secret woods meant to enhance late game.

Froststar11's Underground Fairy Spring (Farm Cave) - Adds some new decor and an underground hot spring that restores health like the bath house.

Oasis Greenhouse - Replaces the interior of the greenhouse with a field for crops, a garden for fruit trees, wine cellar, spa for energy regeneration and more.

Coming soon: